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10 & 11 NOVEMBER


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VanillaSoft, the industry`s most successful sales engagement platform, helps sales development teams engage over 10,000,000 contacts every month. Used standalone, or in combination with existing traditional CRM systems, VanillaSoft empowers sales reps to respond to new leads within seconds, interact with leads more consistently, across more channels, and generate more qualified sales opportunities. Globally, thousands of users employ VanillaSoft`s queue-based sales engine and intellective routing to implement sales cadence automation resulting in substantial gains in speed-to-lead, persistency, productivity and revenue-per-rep. VanillaSoft is a privately held company based in Plano, Texas, USA. To learn more, visit

    • Wednesday

      Chris Elson: Speaking in the Theatre 1

      11.00 - 11.30

      Chris Elson
      Diverse Interactive

      How to make AR work for your business and customers

      Augmented reality is this decade’s marketing channel for the masses. Find out how you can use AR in your marketing strategy and understand what it will mean to both your business and your customers. 3 Key Takeaways: - Why augmented reality is important as a marketing channel - Where AR should fit within your marketing strategy - What to expect in return from your customers

      Gareth Dunlop: Speaking in the Theatre 1

      11.40 - 12.10

      Gareth Dunlop

      Never be Data Driven

      Digital marketers have never had such a broad range of tools giving them such a scale of data to help them to do their jobs. While these tools are invaluable, they are no substitute for understanding the human stories behind the data. Behind every page view and session is a human, with a specific set of needs, wants and behaviours. Only by understanding the motivations of the humans behind the numbers can you build high-performing user experiences. Using 20+ years of experience, Gareth will outline how the tools, married to human stories, can unlock the highest performing digital strategies. 3 Key Takeaways: - The danger of overreliance on guessing what data, trends and stats mean in terms of online performance - The tools and techniques to uncover and blend the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ to gain valuable user-centred design insight - Learning and case studies on the power and impact that understanding human needs has on improving digital performance

      Giles Edwards: Speaking in the Theatre 1

      12.20 - 12.50

      Giles Edwards

      What I’ve Learnt Interviewing the World’s Best Marketers and Thinkers

      More than a year ago my agency, …Gasp!, launched a new podcast called Call to Action. Its mission was, and remains, to rid the grey that is rife in this industry and celebrate the biggest, best, creative and effective minds within it. Subsequently I have met and interviewed a broad range of talent; several renowned TED talkers, OBE winners, QI elves, authors, poets and comedians from all over the world. The podcast has charted in the UK Top 5 and in the USA’s Top 100 - amongst a growing number of 800,000. This talk shares what’s important and what’s not with wisdom from the likes of Rory Sutherland, Shelina Janmohamed, Colin Lewis, Stevyn Colgan, Giles Paley-Phillips, Richard Shotton and Tricia Wang. The mistakes to make and the ones to avoid, the pieces of advice that stand the test of time and the ideas to inspire and motivate. 3 Key Takeaways: - Why Effectiveness always trumps Efficiency - The business value of Diversity and Inclusion - Applying Behavioural Science findings to Marketing and Advertising

      13.00 - 13.30

      Phil Draper

      The fundamentals of Lifecycle marketing for B2B

      Lifecyle marketing is an essential part of marketing to the modern B2B customer. By taking customers on an automated journey you can improve their experience, drive engagements and bolster retention. And, as a B2B business, retention is vital. The better your customer’s experience, the more likely they’ll be to recommend you to their peers and colleagues. 3 Key Takeaways: - Think big – Blue sky thinking, plan the journey you want to take your customers on and how it might all work. - Start somewhere – Start putting that plan into action, with the stages that’ll make the biggest impact for you. - Scale quickly – constantly assess your plan, and make adjustments where required to optimise your lifecycle journey.

      Chris Griffiths: Speaking in the Theatre 1

      13.40 - 14.10

      Chris Griffiths
      Open Genius

      Systemising creativity - an oxymoron or a reality?

      When applied correctly, creativity can change the world. In the age of information, knowledge is no longer power. - instead, it is the creation of new knowledge which matters in business today. With every company striving to be innovative, Chris Griffiths speaks on some practical steps teams and companies can take to systemise creativity and make it a daily part of work life. Be prepared to challenge your assumptions and reset your thinking with this interactive presentation from the world's leading Mind Mapping and creativity expert.

      Rakefet Yacoby-From : Speaking in the Theatre 1

      14.20 - 14.50

      Rakefet Yacoby-From

      Innovative Digital Marketing in 2020

      In this complex marketing world of endless expertise, technologies, and interests, businesses find themselves struggling to run successful marketing operations that generate great business results. In this seminar, we will go over a number of business stories and Q&As that demonstrate the common marketing risks in managing distributed marketing teams and identify the best ways to overcome them in order to run a successful marketing operation that is of high-standard, cost-effective, and focused on your growth. 3 Key Takeaways: - How to identify your marketing risks when managing marketing teams - How to manage a successful distributed marketing operation - What are the ways that work best for businesses that manage distributed teams

      Ismael El-Qudsi: Speaking in the Theatre 1

      15.00 - 15.30

      Ismael El-Qudsi

      #WEAREALLINFLUENCERS: The power of micro-influencers

      How micro-influencers are disrupting the traditional influencer space and are flipping the celebrity/influencer – consumer/fan paradigm on its head. Ismael will show you how to build a micro-influencer marketing strategy that effectively engages your target audience and has a lasting impact. 3 Key Takeaways – Micro-influencers are taking over the market – Micro-influencers, in general, have a higher engagement rate – How to create a successful influencer marketing campaign?

      Nick Farrar: Speaking in the Theatre 1

      15.40 - 16.10

      Nick Farrar

      Visual Voyage: Why design matters on the path to purchase

      Most B2B businesses work to an established lead generation process. But is it effectively navigating customers to you? Or are you losing them somewhere along the journey? These days, 60% of a potential customer’s decision is already made before they decide to speak to you. Their path to purchase is long and complex, but there is a secret to keeping them on it – all the way to your door. So prepare to set sail on a Visual Voyage as Nick Farrar, director of Workbrands, discusses the power of visual content in multiple formats across each stage of your business development cycle. Will you be you on board?