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10 & 11 NOVEMBER


Stefano Marrone: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Stefano Marrone

Founder & Managing Director  -  Nucco Brain

The Case for Creative in B2B Marketing

At Nucco Brain we work with brands that are under pressure to perform better.
Because of this pressure, some companies find it easier to create communications, internal messaging or learning based materials that are simple, familiar to the target audience, and safe.
However, we believe in the power of creativity and telling stories. There is overwhelming evidence for breaking new creative ground in often overlooked industries, and entertaining audiences no matter the complexity of the message. Creativity can not only help organisations stand out but turn them into powerhouses of enterprise and set them far beyond their competition.

3 Key Takeaways: i.e. what are the main things a delegate will learn from your seminar (Bullet points)

- How to influence stakeholders to add creativity to their marketing campaigns
- The importance of using creativity to stand out within the B2B space
- How creativity can be a strategic tool.

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