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10 & 11 NOVEMBER


Nigel Arthur: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Nigel Arthur

VP Growth EMEA  -  Integrate

B2B Marketing Orchestration: How to Break Through the Noise in the Age of Anxiety & Complexity

We're at an inflection point in B2B marketing. The first-generation approach to “Modern Marketing” – powered by digital lead gen, inbound, content-driven and database marketing – has delivered good results but is running out of steam as customer expectations increase and executive push for growth accelerates.

Game-changing B2B teams are re-thinking their approach, shifting from the traditional Marketing Automation-centric effort to Marketing Orchestration in order to align with their customer journey, execute precise targeting, improve data quality and increase business impact. This evolved strategy offers CMOs, MOPs and digital demand leaders a unique ability to orchestrate data, systems, programs and experiences, while adding new levels of intelligence, activation and alignment with your customers and target accounts.

In this 30-minute session, you'll gain a fresh perspective on how you and your revenue generation team can deliver new levels of business outcomes, including how to:

- deliver breakthrough marketing in the noisy, complex markets we serve
- take the complexity and tension out of your buyer-seller relationship, process and effort
- apply marketing orchestration within your marketing and sales environment
- integrate your marketing effort by unifying existing channels, data, processes and tech
- deliver better business outcomes via pipeline and revenue generation

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