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10 & 11 NOVEMBER


Mark Erskine: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Mark Erskine

Director & Owner  -  Seller Performance

Influencing through “3-Brain” Selling

In a world where product or service differentiation is scarce, learn the principles and techniques to harness #3brainselling to stimulate sales. The one guaranteed unique selling point salespeople possess is how they engage with, communicate and influence their prospects to sell more effectively. Only through understanding and applying proven techniques from Neuroscience, Psychology and Behavioural Profiling can this be truly leveraged.

Key Takeaways:

- 3-Brain functionality in buying, selling and decision-making processes #3brainselling
- The Psychology and application of Behavioural Profiling
- Managing your “selling style” to optimise performance
- Techniques of “Adaptive Selling” at every step of the sale to become #saleschameleon

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