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10 & 11 NOVEMBER


Marianne Bunton: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Marianne Bunton

Director of Enterprise Product Marketing  -  Shutterstock

The Secrets to Localizing Global Campaigns at Scale: Faking it till you make it

Despites the globalization of everything, consumers have come to expect more relevant and targeted messaging than ever before – this creates a challenge for marketers launching campaigns simultaneously in markets around the world. Translation alone doesn’t cut it and cultural missteps, amplified across social media, have caused immense harm to some big-name brands in the past year.
In this session, Marianne Bunton, Director of Enterprise Product Marketing at Shutterstock, addresses the challenges of creating authentics localized campaign at scale. Actionable takeaways include how to scale content across multiple countries, case studies on brands who are nailing localization, and a checklist of factors to consider when localizing your campaign.
3 Key Takeaways:

Marianne will share 3 pillars of localization that we’ve learned at Shutterstock that have helped us scale our global campaigns:

- Words
- Images
- Values

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