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10 & 11 NOVEMBER


Josh Dhaliwal: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Josh Dhaliwal


4 Sales Enablement Technology Myths – And Proof They're Off Base

As stakeholders become increasingly risk-averse, more organizations than ever are struggling to push B2B purchase decisions over the finish line. This is especially true for sales and marketing technology investments like sales enablement. Stakeholders are so terrified of losing money on these projects, they often decide to do nothing and lose out on the amazing benefits a sales enablement platform can offer. Don't believe us?
According to Google Trends, Google searches for “sales enablement” have increased 51% year-on-year, yet less than 8% of companies have deployed a sales enablement platform to date. What's stopping these “googlers” from actually moving forward? While there is a LOT of data out there proving the business benefits of sales enablement (increased revenue, accelerated deal cycles, higher average order value, etc.), there are also a lot of misconceptions, including: it's expensive, complicated to deploy, difficult to quantify ROI and has low adoption rates.
We're here to set the record straight. Join us as we debunk each of these myths and demonstrate that sales enablement technology doesn't have to be so scary after all.

3 Key Takeaways:

- 4 misconceptions of sales enablement technology and proof they're way off base.
- Sales enablement benefits and how deploying a technology can yield up to 66% lift in revenue, up to 70% increase deal size and up to 43% more deals.
- Customer examples illustrating how sales enablement technology is affordable, painless to deploy, easy to quantify ROI and has high adoption rates.

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