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25 & 26 MARCH


Holograph Ltd

LOOKINGLASS® with FOCUSTRACK® has the power to revolutionise perceptions of digital marketing and the industry as a whole. This futuristic screen can engage with potential consumers from a distance and draw them towards it, capture dwell time, gauge interest and offer unique user experiences such as DYNAMO®.

LOOKINGLASS® brings something to the table that is completely different and offers unprecedented opportunities in terms of next generation interactive advertising and enhanced vending. Along with dwell times, footfall and view tracking, our technology offers detailed rich, real-time telemetry.

LOOKINGLASS® has the potential to elevate digital signage to a whole new level, helping businesses sell more and engage more users.

Visitors to our previous exhibits who interacted with the technology said they were `absolutely blown away by it`s sophistication and the commercial and multi-functional added value it presents."

LOOKINGLASS® and FOCUSTRACK® were created and developed by Holograph Ltd.
Holograph are a big data and software development house who strive to solve the challenges of and constantly enhance human interaction with digital. To find out more visit our website

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