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GatedContent.com is the leading web form management platform for B2B marketing. Delivering central data governance whilst scaling inbound lead capture through content gating. GatedContent.com works alongside your existing marketing infrastructure, integrates with any web CMS and is adopted by global brands to deploy and manage lead forms around the world. GatedContent.com introduces a new way of thinking about how businesses manage and scale their lead generation forms. Web conversion forms (or gates) are templated in our cloud platform with the data specifications, privacy standards and technology integrations you define. Your marketing or operational users can build out gates for use in campaigns or blogs and embed them into web pages with super simple embed code. If you can create a hyperlink in your CMS, you can deploy a GatedContent.com content gate. GatedContent.com is also a key tool in GDPR compliance ensuring consent capture is automatically deployed across regions where needed.


Tungsten House
Warren Road
Milton Keynes
MK17 0NR
United Kingdom
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  • GatedContent.com Explainer

    30 Sep 2021 GatedContent.com

    The GatedContent.com platform is built from the ground up to provide best practice lead forms that convert higher, connect better and are completely portable across your web environments.

  • What is a Gate? The GatedContent.com Method

    30 Sep 2021 GatedContent.com
    When it comes to collecting data on potential customers a strong content gating strategy is key for your businesses marketing success. In this short video, we will define a GatedContent.com gate and s ...

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  • GatedContent.com is the world’s most advanced web conversion and contact acquisition company. GatedContent.com helps global brands develop, optimise and deploy online contact conversion strategies. We ...
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