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Here at Marketing Technology Expo, we continue to find ways to stay connected with our valuable #marketingprofs community and 2022 is no exception.
Say it with us, "marketing never sleeps".

We are delighted to announce that you can now watch all of the previous digital events on-demand!

Watch recordings of our seminars and sessions at your pace, anytime, anywhere. Learn from experts and expand your knowledge.

Previous Digital Events

The Power of Sponsored Content.

Advertising has evolved at an exponential rate in the last five years alone. With the rise of influencers, targeted ads, and retargeting and remarketing, the modern internet user stands to become overwhelmed by this bombardment of advertising and has thus learned to block out anything too overt. Despite this saturation, users are not opposed to being advertised to, but organisations need to find new ways to reach users without becoming too overbearing. 



The five biggest sales mistakes in a changed world.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way buyers behave and sent a shockwave through sales teams globally. All the early signs suggest that these changes will be long lasting, if not permanent. Client expectations will be significantly different and salespeople will need to adapt to survive and thrive in a changed world.

Drawing on the latest research and insights from both buyers and sales leaders, this session will:

  • Reveal the significant changes in the way our clients are buying since the pandemic began
  • Share research and insight into what top sales professionals are doing differently right now
  • Identify the top five mistakes your sales teams are making and how they can avoid them


5 Ways to Bulletproof your Marketing.

In this On-Demand video you will: 

  • Discover if your business is doing the right things during the pandemic
  • Receive implementable actions based on real world successes
  • Better understand consumer (B2B and B2C) mindset changes and how to leverage that within your business
  • Be entertained by some of the bodyguard stories!






The Right Marketing Tools, Insight and Strategies for 2021 and 2022

The Digital Brief: B2B Marketing Expo Webisode Series is designed to inspire people on how they can thrive in this new digital era - that with the right marketing tools, insight, and strategies, we can make reliable marketing campaigns that support business goals with tangible ROIs within our grasps, ensuring success today and for the years to come. 






Data-Driven Marketing: Grow Faster than your Competition

As businesses emerge from the Covid-19 veil and support measures recede, whether they have been a winner or loser as a result, the year ahead will be the true test of their organisation. Disruption fosters opportunity and in a weakened competitive landscape there are gains to be made.

With unprecedented growth in digital commerce as a result of lockdown measures, the flow of customer data has reached a volume of epic proportion.

This digital event will explore how business can harness this flow to gain actionable insights to drive higher levels of engagement, improved conversion, increased retention and ultimately competition-busting growth.



The Era of Precision Demand Marketing

Let’s face it: 2020 flipped B2B marketing upside down and around again. And our B2B buyers are now holding all the cards – as they should.

The way they research, evaluate, and make purchase decisions has fundamentally changed. Buyers expect marketers to deliver a qualitatively different experience than ever before. Tried-and-true strategies like ABM and traditional demand gen no longer serve up enough of the right mojo to deliver on pipeline and revenue. Marketers who want to stand out and succeed in this era need to tap into a kind of x-level efficiency and precision we’ve not seen before.

The good news is there is a way to meet your buyers where they are. Welcome to precision demand marketing. 




Game-Changing Document Automation for Salesforce

Skyrocket your team’s efficiency by automating your document workflows in Salesforce!
Learn how you can leverage your Salesforce data to auto-create tailored business documents like proposals, invoices, and customer communications that help you close deals faster, improve customer service, and eliminate manual errors.

In this webinar, you will:
• Get actionable tips on increasing your Salesforce ROI with automated document workflows
• Learn how time saved with document automation can drive real business results
• See how automating your workflows also means increasing compliance and reducing IT overhead
• Walk away with tips you can implement in your Salesforce organisation
• Transform the way your business creates, distributes, and stores documents and emails