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The Marketing Technology Expo Awards 2020

Recognising the innovators pushing the boundaries of marketing.

This is an unmissable opportunity for our exhibitors to take their industry knowledge into the future and gain an upper hand on any competition! The Marketing Technology Expo Awards are a celebration of the marketing innovations, technologies, tools, services and strategies which have made an outstanding impact on the world of marketing over the past 12 months.

Nominees are those who are making significant waves within our ever evolving industry and will be judged by a carefully selected panel of marketing experts, thought-leaders and influencers!

Make your way to the Awards Area and witness first-hand the future of the industry!

The Awards

Best Marketing Tool

10th November 12:30

Best Tech Innovation

10th November 14:00

Agency of the Future

10th November 15:30

The Judges

AWARD: Best Marketing Tool

This award recognises the power that managing and unlocking data has in increasing collaboration and driving business growth. The award is open to businesses which provide products or services that support the implementation of GDPR, or overall relationship, asset and data management. Finalists will be providers - that are either leaders in their field or providing new, fresh approaches - of CRM, data management, content management software, analytics and email/marketing automation platforms.

2020 Nominees

Stand No: 1204


Stand No: 1558


Stand No: 1318


AWARD: Best Tech Innovation

This award is open to businesses delivering a marketing product or service to the B2B or B2C sector which has groundbreaking potential for change - from artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, apps, animations and video to e-commerce solutions and web-design services. Finalists will offer a product or service that is technology-based and either a leader in its field or new & innovative; supporting and creating digital transformation across any sector.

2020 Nominees

Stand No: 924


Stand No: 950


Stand No: 654


AWARD: Agency of the Future

This award recognises the fundamental role that agencies play in the way digital technology is changing the marketing landscape. It is open to agencies delivering services in B2B or B2C sectors - from full service and direct, digital and internet agencies to advertising, media and PR agencies. Finalists will be agencies demonstrating a future-proof strategy for their clients; delivering proven creativity and innovation to generate success for their clients.

2020 Nominees

Stand No: 618


Stand No: 948


Stand No: 1208


Stand No: 1044