Theatre 22

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Wednesday 21st March

Thursday 22nd March



Michael Nutley

The Changing Face Of B2B Marketing

This seminar will look at the future of B2B marketing. How IoT data about the way products are used will inform both product development and marketing. How artificial intelligence will be applied to find new prospects and new ways of talking to them by identifying patterns in the data. And how customers taking control of the buying process through reverse auctions will lead to machines marketing to machines.



Peter Bell - Marketo

Engaging Your Audience to Super-Charge Lead Generation

Engaging prospects is harder than ever. Increasing elements are needed to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel. Peter will look at how you can super-charge lead generation by really engaging prospects; how using AI drives personalisation at scale; how nurturing drives value; and how to use lead scoring to deliver powerful insight to sales.



Alastair Cole - Partners Andrews Aldridge

5 fundamental customer engagement behaviours

Talk has never been cheaper. And in a world flooded with questionable content, actions speak louder than ever. How brands behave, and how they make people feel, is paramount. The most successful brands are engaging with customers in new and perceptive ways, they’re accurately measuring digital customer experience, and they all exhibit the same five winning engagement behaviours…



Scott Brinker -

Fireside Chat: Mastering Marketing Technology

Interviewed by industry journalist and analyst Michael Nutley, the highly regarded editor of and program chair of the MarTech conference series will be talking about the marketing technology landscape and how he sees this evolving in the future. Scott will bring some clarity to a marketplace that has become increasingly confusing for marketers trying to differentiate between different vendors and different types of technology.



John Horsley - Communitize

Paying the Way Forward: Winning in Today’s Value Economy

Discover why businesses that provide utility and additional value beyond the limitation of their products or services will win in the value economy. Hear examples of how successful businesses have transitioned from broadcast to engagement, and why companies that don’t adapt and continue to shout for attention will be overtaken.



Jessica Fewless - Demandbase

Accelerating ABM Impact: The case for a Blended ABM Approach

The movement of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) from marginal to mainstream has been dramatic. ABM has now taken center stage with B2B marketing organisations of all shapes and sizes. The reality is that different approaches to ABM have emerged over the last few years and not everyone is speaking the same language. This session will cover the three main types companies are implementing today, why they all have their place in an integrated strategy, and how best to utilise them.



David Amor - First Move Direct Marketing

Why Direct Mail in the 21 st  century – Programmatic, Personal, Relevant

Why do it? Simple answer - to make money and grow your business! How to do it better? Transform from mass communication to personal using data and artificial intelligence. Every document relevant to the recipient in both words and images designed to improve your R.O.I. Innovate using a Jeff Bezos Amazon philosophy to produce predictable results and enhanced brand recognition. In a GDPR world the need for Direct Mail has never been greater.



Jim Kelly - BlueVenn

Driving Intelligent B2B Marketing with a Customer Data Platform

Are you like most modern marketing teams, spending hours of wasted time exporting, importing, cleansing and manipulating data between CRM, email and CMS platforms? Is a v-lookup becoming your closest friend or are you endlessly searching for SQL tutorials online? Well then don’t miss this session from Customer Data Platform Institute members, BlueVenn. You’ll hear how customer data platforms are transforming how marketers use customer data more effectively by pumping trustworthy data and insights through a marketing technology ecosystem.



Jonathan McCarron - Wayin

Why Brands Are Shifting Billions From Ad-Interruptions To Interactive Brand Experiences

Consumers are not just frustrated by the bombardment of digital ads, static content and auto-playing videos, but they’re actively avoiding them. Even well placed ads, that are rich with relevant content get ignored. Marketers need to respond by incorporating interactive experiences into ad units, that build real relationships and engage once more. Only then will they rise above the noise, and become effective once more.



Jamie Brighton - Adobe

B2B Digital Trends

This presentation will look at the latest digital marketing trends and their impact on B2B businesses. Based on the Adobe Digital Trends 2018 report, produced in partnership with Econsultancy, the session will look at important themes including customer experience, personalisation and artificial intelligence. The seminar will look at key B2B data points from the research, as well as including tips and insights for attendees to take back into their businesses.