Winnie Palmer

Board Advisor at Connect2Teach

Winnie is an international business leader with two decades of experience in disruptive technologies, driving innovation for positive business outcomes. She has a wealth of experience leading changes within multinational organizations including Connect2Teach, Huawei Technologies, Microsoft, Nokia and Telecom New Zealand. Winnie serves as an advisor to startups and is a guest lecturer at leading UK Universities, speaking about digital transformation, data and branding. She is married with two kids and lives in London.

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Digital Transformation - The human touch

International business leader Winnie Palmer will explain why businesses need to apply technology with a human touch- drawing upon her own experience of leading a transformation process within her own business. This experience translated into a compelling customer proposition and a mission helping other organisations to build long-term, sustainable futures. Winnie’s approach is rooted in the human experience of digital transformation and believes that the key to building successful, sustainable businesses is as much to do with incentivising people the right way as it is to do with investing in the right systems and platforms.