Rob Jones

Qbase Data Services Ltd

In his 20-year career, Rob has headed up the marketing function for a number of UK companies and organisations. Since joining Qbase six years ago, Rob has provided strategic guidance to many of the UK''s largest businesses.

Rob specialises in using data and insight to power innovative marketing programmes. Increasingly known for his expertise in leveraging the latest marketing technologies, he has worked on some of the largest data, CRM and Marketing Automation projects in Europe.

Rob always delivers fun, informative and insightful presentations and his thoughts on data is a presentation you’ll definitely be glad you attended.

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On-line and Off-line data integration to empower better customer engagement

Explore the opportunities gained from combining your traditional off-line transactional data with all your digital sources such as web, mobile and social behavioural data. It’s a must see for anyone serious about delivering a customer centric, omni-channel experience. Specifically, we will cover: -The benefits of customer centricity by creating an omni-channel experience. -Unleashing the potential of your data. -An introduction to DMPs (Data Management Platforms) and Data Lakes. -Real-time analytics and modelling to drive better engagement. -Integration and automation with all of your marketing. -The steps to getting started and where it may take you. -Remember GDPR compliance is mandatory. Along the way there will be real world examples and case studies, lots of practical tips, a heads up on the technologies you should be investigating and some pointers of how you can start to implement this now at your organisation.