Michael Wawra

Space Indent

Michael has been developing software and advising firms on how to use technology for the past
16 years. He has built websites for the government, the private sector, charities and educational
organisations. He has also worked in marketing for a Silicon Valley start-up that is now publicly
traded and valued at $2.5 billion.
In 2016 he decided to combine his knowledge of both technology and marketing by founding
Space Indent. Space Indent offers a wide range of digital services, from custom-built websites and
integration of off-the-shelf software to advice on digital marketing, advertising and other
technology-related questions

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This session will focus on what clients should expect from their digital teams – internal or agency - over the entire life cycle of a project. How should a digital team go about finding out your needs? How should your relationship function while the product is being built? What quality assurance measures should you expect? What about ‘after care’ and the product’s KPIs? Come and find out how to get the best results.