Martin Tavener


Martin Tavener is the CTO for Watson Customer Engagement
Martin is passionate about the application of artificial intelligence technologies in the Retail industry.
Martin joined IBM in March 2000 having previously worked in both technical and management roles in the travel and transport industry.
Since joining IBM Martin has spent most of his time working as software architect with many of IBM''s UK Retail clients advising them on both technical and business strategy.
As the UKI CTO for Watson Customer Engagement Martin works closely with IBM''s flagship accounts as they look to differentiate themselves via the use of machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Knowing a little about a lot is more than enough!

As consumers become more reticent in sharing their personal information the industry is seeing a rise in, so called, dark data. One way of addressing this has seen the advent of dark Martech but is that the right answer? Join Martin to explore how many organisations are now looking at how they adopt artificial intelligence to help tailor the consumers experience based on knowing a little about a lot rather than a lot about the individual.