Gilbert Hill

Tech London Advocates

Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Director of technology and software businesses, with expertise in Data Privacy, Digital Governance and Marketing Best Practice.

Following a career in finance, Gilbert held the role of Managing Director at Governor Technology, a London Digital Agency. During this period, he drove sales, client relationships and marketing strategy.

From 2010, Gilbert devised and led the pivot from tech consultancy to licensed software, founding Optanon, a leading provider of website auditing and cookie compliance solutions.

Gilbert is an active member of Tech London Advocates and is its privacy advocate within the TLA Creative Tech subgroup

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Privacy and Marketing – Nothing to be scared of?!

It starts with G and ends in an R and can kill your brand what is it? Yup legislation doesn’t bring out the best in creative marketers, does it? This session is designed to cover off issues such as GDPR (said it!), privacy by design, consent and trust in the context of how to make you a better marketer. This keynote will discuss some simple steps you can take to use legislation, privacy and consent to increase brand loyalty and make your marketing more effective – nothing to be scared of!