Daniel Waas

LogMeIn Ireland Ltd.

Daniel Waas is the Director of Marketing for GoToWebinar - the leading web events platform with over 50,000 customers and 2.3 million webinars every year. He''s a digital B2B marketer with an undousable passion for and black belt in webinars. Daniel and his team are constantly experimenting with the cheeky goal of creating no less than the world''s best webinar program.

Outside work, Daniel is a geek at heart who loves LEGO, sci-fi and the occasional video game if time permits. Despite these severe dating handicaps, he was lucky enough to get married and even luckier to have a son & daughter. If talking B2B for hours is your thing please get in touch with Daniel through LinkedIn.

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Webinars are considered the most effective content tactic right after in-person events according to the Content Marketing Institute. They’re also the only way to turn your team’s internal expertise into a demand magnet. At GoToWebinar we’ve analyzed 350,000 customer webinars to uncover the foolproof recipe for webinar success – condensed down to a mere 30-minute workshop. Join us to learn: How to integrate webinars into your content strategy How to attract a massive audience How to engage your audience & build relationships at scale How to turn a webinar audience into leads & conversions