Andrew Fryer

Evangelist at Microsoft

Andrew joined Microsoft in 2007 as an Evangelist, focusing on business intelligence and data development. Andrew’s role puts him in contact with all sizes of organisation from start-ups to UK Big business and government where he has a track record of making the complex simple and the future relevant now. His particular passion is the appropriate application of data to solve real-world problems and to do that as ethically as possible such that the technology itself becomes invisible.
Andrew is now in his third career following work a decade in criminal intelligence for the UK Government and a wide-ranging consulting career developing BI strategies for major retailers, insurers and banks. Andrew regularly blogs and speaks at a range of conferences, workshops and meet-ups.

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Everybody needs a bit of science in their data

One of the key challenges we have is how to make sense of the world around us and make better decisions as we go forward. There has always been the hope that technology will assist us in this – in my father’s day he talked about systems for decision support and executive information. Since then we have the promise of big data and today’s hot technology topic is artificial intelligence.