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25 & 26 MARCH


Alex ‘Delz Erinle: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Alex ‘Delz Erinle


6 Lessons Learnt From Integrating UX Research Into Agile Environments.

Though UX Research is an important part of the UX process, it is quite difficult to implement it in agile environments. This presentation is based on the experience of the speaker and interviews with other UX Designers working
jn agile environments in the UK, Amsterdam, Australia and the US in order to understand how UX
Research is carried out in their organisations and the challenges they currently face. It promises to be insightful, with key points that will improve the UX Design process of any organisation currently practising Agile, or considering switching to an agile environment.

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Alex ‘Delz Erinle will be speaking in the following theatres: