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25 & 26 MARCH


Adam Oldfield: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Adam Oldfield


How to 12x Your Marketing ROI

The way that marketers spend their time and money, has never been under such scrutiny. The use of budget and the achievement of ROI is now being analysed by various business stakeholders, which can make this a daunting world to work in.
But there have also never been so many opportunities to thrive – to generate quick wins, to encourage loyalty and to kickstart powerful, humanised conversations that take minimal effort.
The secret lies in knowing how to supercharge that ROI, without incurring any additional costs or time pressures – which is where this presentation comes in. 
This straight-talking session will provide marketers with an advice-led framework to follow, to not just double or treble their ROI but to increase it 12-fold! Packed with actionable tips and real-world scenarios, delegates will leave this presentation ready to work quicker, slicker, more efficiently and happier!

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