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25 & 26 MARCH


Tech Mag

Tech Mag provides industry insight into Telecoms, Digital Marketing & more - We have excellent people who are actively involved in the topics they write about - we don't just hire writers to produce content, we produce content because we care (likely partly the reason we have been known to go on a tangent)

We work closely with PMC Telecom, who have always been able to detailed product information on request, and great concepts - their director even worked with us to produce a complete guide to phone systems which has been read over 35,000 times since publishing last year empowering people to make slightly better business decisions when it comes to phone systems.

In addition to this, we have great contacts at Jabra, who give us great information on headsets and their business applications.

Lastly, Steve Mills is our Digital Marketing Expert. He has many years experience in the B2B E-Commerce marketing - and he loves sharing his knowledge whenever he can, his Twitter inbox is always open for SEO questions.

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