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Five signs it’s time to evaluate your marketing and creative workflows


The creative workflow process is turbulent in too many organizations. We’ve heard stories of a single PDF document going through 14 rounds of revisions, a team member spending the majority of their time consolidating creative feedback given through email chains, and creative work being routed for review by walking it through the office.

If your teams are experiencing the following, you’re not alone. But those are signs that it’s time for you to evaluate you're marketing and creative workflows.

1. It’s frequently unclear who is responsible for what work

How is work assigned at your organization? Do you receive an email chain with 12 others? Do you receive a chat message? Does someone stop at your desk and say “do this”?

Uncertainty is a productivity killer. It’s important that people know what work is assigned to them. Work quickly stalls or never gets started when roles are left to interpretation.

2. You receive conflicting feedback on work

Helpful feedback can be challenging to give and receive. It’s part of the process of creating quality work. But it gets frustrating when you’re the one doing the work and you get stuck making updates and redoing work due to two conflicting viewpoints.

3. You’re unsure of who to go to for clarification

There are times when instructions or feedback aren’t clear. Anonymous feedback or no running history of decisions lead to more uncertainty. Do your teams know who to reach out to for when they need clarification?

4. You’ve completed a task and there’s no clear next step

aCommon challenge teams face is order. Instead of sequential tasks that keep progress moving forward, the process ends up being a bunch of concurrent tasks. This can lead to confusion, redo work, and unnecessary noise.

5. There’s no notion of priority and timeline

There’s a big difference between identifying a timeline and sticking to one. Unrealistically short deadlines and turnaround times lead to major stress for creative and marketing teams. If your teams are constantly working outside of a comfortable capacity and it’s deteriorating quality, it’s time to evaluate your workflows.

Creative and marketing departments can work better together, but it’s not going to happen overnight. You can’t fix the creative process by just giving everyone a username and password to a new tool. Fixing the process requires open dialogue, a willingness to change, and a process that considers all involved.

The Creative Workflow Workbook is intended to help you start the dialogue with your teams to figure out what’s going on with your current creative workflows and how your teams can start producing better work together.