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What is Growth-Driven Website Design?

I need a new website - my one sucks - but I don’t want to spend months redesigning it and rebuilding it! 

You have finally realised that you have to bite the bullet and redesign your website. You know it’s not attracting enough leads, it’s properly search engine optimised, your content does not engage your visitors and you have put it off long enough!

You have known for some time that you needed to redesign but, the prospect of a full-scale redesign, leaving the existing website for many more months whilst you rethink, rewrite and redesign the whole thing was just too much! Let alone the major lump sum cost of this substantial project.

If there was an alternative approach that spread the cost and produced a new website in just 12 weeks, you would probably want to know more?

Clearly, your website is not functioning in the way it needs to - and as the most powerful component in your lead generation activity - it is absolutely fundamental that it does. It is important to appreciate that, in todays digitally connected and ‘always-on’ world, your website meets your prospects before you do. 

Gone are the days where a traditional and static ‘brochure’ type website would suffice as a means for you to engage with your prospects. The searchers of today, your potential prospects, are highly educated and resourceful individuals, but also incredibly time poor. All of your prospects will endeavor to find a reason why they should interact or not interact with your business - and will hold no sentiment for a website which does not offer them exactly what they need from the offset.

In addition, as the modern prospect will have already guided themselves through as much as 60-80% of the buyer’s journey - they therefore know exactly what they are looking for.  

With this considered, your business requires a website that:

  • regularly produces high-quality content, 

  • provides those searchers with the information they need, 

  • can be found by searchers when they need to find it, 

  • and offers them a means other than ‘contact us’ to engage with your business. 

If your website fails to offer any of these aspects and your lead generation, website engagement, and content interaction is proving to be unsatisfactory, a website redesign is precisely what you need.

However - rather than a traditional website redesign, you need to embrace a smarter, data-driven and prospect orientated approach.


Well, historically, ‘traditional’ website redesign projects were complex, time-consuming, built on assumptions and incredibly expensive. With a traditional approach to website redesign, you lock your website in its current form, spend month after month trying to rectify it page-for-page, incur extra costs as a result of trying to do everything at once - and while this process is going on, you have continued to show your unsatisfactory website to the world - and you lead generation activity is at rock-bottom.

You don’t want this. It is highly impractical for your website, your best salesperson, to be sidelined for an extended period whilst you attempt to fix it.

You need Growth-Driven Design.

What is Growth-Driven Design?

Growth-Driven Design provides you with an alternative, agile, methodical and potent approach to the website redesign process. Rather than attempting to recreate your existing website page-for-page, with Growth-Driven Design, you identify and analyse your highest-value pages, (HVPs) those which drive the highest lead generation activity, and create an MVP (minimum viable product) website based around these pages. 

The result is that you have an initial, MVP website that is effectively the most practical and strategically effective website your business can launch within the shortest period of time. It is a prospect-orientated website, built around actionable data, analytics and user-behaviour, so that it can attract and retain visitors.

Once your MVP website is live, you then agree to continue to build your website in increments over time and identify further pages which help you to drive lead generation. Also, you have the opportunity to spread the costs of the build over a 12 month period. You then use real-time analytics and information gathered from your MVP website to inform future design decisions, allowing you to refine your prospect-orientated website so that it has the best opportunity to convert them into leads.

Growth-Driven Design is a cyclical and iterative process where you plan your website, develop it further, learn from the data it has acquired and then transfer and analyse that data to inform further plans.

If that sounds like something worth considering, why not find out more?

If you want to discover the full potential of Growth-Driven Design and how it works, click here to learn more.


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