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7 Steps for Optimised Lead Generation from Social Media

When it comes to content marketing, lead generation and sales are listed as the most important goals or objectives for B2B marketers.  

In both the Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report 85% of organisations state Lead Generation as the most important goal of their content marketing alongside generating sales at 84%. 

Social media as part of a considered Content Marketing strategy can be a powerful tool in the identification and generation of leads for your business with 93% of organisations using social media as a key content distribution tactic. When used well, it can help to increase your company’s visibility; your brands reach and attract more marketing qualified leads to your website.

There is no doubt that content marketing is here to stay and that it is widely touted as the fuel to the inbound sales funnel but content on its own is not much good. It is all very well and good producing content for your business or organisation and posting it on your blog or your social media channels but the unless your content has a purpose and is linked intrinsically to your marketing strategy (vision, mission, goals etc.) and designed with a purpose or an objective in mind it is not doing anything for you. 

In addition, if your content is not targeted both in terms of physical content and relevancy, but also in relation to distribution then your social media activity will be wasted.

The goal of social media in lead generation is to find would be customers, serve them content or messaging that they will want to read, in a place where they are already engaging with relevant information and to provide them with a tangible call to action. 

By combining commercially led messaging and brand building campaigns you can generate actions and interactions to bring customers into and along the sales funnel, whether that be to introduce them to your brand and bring them to your website or to help them make a decision around the need for a solution to their problems.

With this in mind there are 7 simple steps to follow to make sure your social media is focussed and objective – specifically for Lead Generation.

  1. Understand your audience, who they are, where they are and why they would want to hear from you. Where are they in your buying cycle?

  2. Identify and utilise relevant influencers and groups and share  valuable content to maximise your reach

  3. Understand or define what will constitute a lead. What do we want people to do; download, phone, register or visit

  4. Generate your content around their issues and concerns, carefully balancing your product or services messaging and introducing it at the right time. Lead them to your products and services through your publishing and posts

  5. Get your sales team and key individuals involved in promoting, publishing and sharing content with their networks

  6. Test, measure, review your calls to action to see what works best for you

  7. Measure. Use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track and measure what is working and what is not, review, refine, and repeat.