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Why Choose An Agency For App Marketing Over Universal App Campaign

If you are planning to market your app, you may be deciding whether you should use a digital marketing agency, or whether you should ‘go it alone’ and turn to Google’s relatively new ‘Universal App Campaign’ as a one-stop-shop to promote your app. UAC by Google simplifies app install marketing campaigns by combining all Google Advertising channels (search, display, in-app and video) and providing you with a turnkey solution to drive app installs

It looks simplified and promising for absolute beginners - i.e app publishers and developers with a shoe string budget. However, before you select this as the primary channel of promotion you should be fully aware of the benefits and restrictions this will bring. 

Performance driven Digital Agencies like us do not use or recommend UAC’s, as our objective is to deliver maximum return on your advertising spend. To ensure this we track every step of the conversion funnel. This is not possible with UAC.

Therefore, we decided to do an analysis to explain why choose an agency for app marketing over Universal App Campaign by Google:


The Benefits: Advantages of running a Universal App Campaign

• Easy to Setup:

UAC by Google is designed to combine everything into one turnkey campaign type. All you need to do is select your app, write a few lines about your app, select your target locations, define your target CPA (cost per acquisition) and you are ready to go. It’s that simple!

• Easy to Manage/Optimize: 

You do not need to worry about finding your right target audience, selecting keywords or placements or deciding which marketing channel or which ad creative will work best for you. It’s all done automatically for you.

 • Low Cost Per Install (CPA): 

UAC does everything in the background to deliver low cost per install. It will advertise your ads on whichever network delivers lower cost per install - search, display or YouTube.


Downsides to using UAC: Disadvantages of using Universal App Campaign

• No Insight on Campaign Performance: 

Google’s UAC works like a blind network as it does not offer any insight into keyword, placement, creative, or network where your app is being advertised. Therefore, you do not know which aspect of your campaign is performing better and worse. When you work with a performance driven Digital Agency like us, you obviously get all insight into your campaign performance. Analysing the channel conversion and performance data allows you to optimize and scale at cost.

• No Manual Campaign Optimization: 

Since the UAC doesn’t offer any insight, there is no way to optimize the campaign for better performance. Digital Marketing agencies like us do our very best to optimize every aspect of the campaign including the marketing channel/network, variations of ads creatives and types of ads, different ad sizes, keywords, placements and more to deliver the maximum return on your ad spend (ROAS).

• Excessive Focus On Cost Per Install: 

Low Cost Per Install doesn’t necessarily deliver the best value from your ad spend. For instance, if you are advertising an app game with paid subscription or in-app purchases, UAC could get lowest cost per install by placing your ads on other app games played by a diff user group for example. They may not necessarily be your best fit of a target audience and therefore no matter how many users installed your app, the engagement and active-to-paying ratio is low. We at InTrigger focus on acquiring the right kind of users for your app. We analyse active users by channel, where did they derive from. We analyse and track users to paying and by analysing that cohort of whales derive a User Acquisition plan around those paying users. We know what channel produces the best ARPU (average revenue per user) and focus on ROI Ad spend. What’s the point of having a million downloads and no paying users...

 • No Control On User LifeTime Value: 

When you spend on acquiring users for your app, your objective should be to get users with maximum possible Lifetime Value. In simple terms LTV is the projected revenue that a user will generate for the app during their lifetime of using the app. Since UAC doesn’t reveal which marketing channel (search, display, in-app or video) was the source of users who installed the app, there is no way one could track and calculate the LTV from that set of users and therefore the UAC campaign cannot be optimized for LTV. 

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Performance driven app marketing agencies like us go even beyond the marketing channel and track which particular ad creative, keyword or placement brings the users at low CPI as well as the high LTV, therefore delivering the maximum value from your marketing spend.

How you spend your marketing budget can be a very important factor for the success of your app. As an app developer, publisher or marketer it might be a tempting offer to just use UAC and therefore save the fee you may have to pay a digital marketing agency like us, however this will leave you with very limited insights and control on your marketing campaigns and more likely much lesser return on investment. 

Still have questions? Visit us on stand B110 to discuss how we could deliver more returns on your marketing spend and still acquire users for your mobile app at low cost. 

by Sheila Mitham
+ 44 0203 3688909