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Statwolf is the end-to-end data analytics platform for your business.

It allows you to integrate, visualise and analyse all the data you have, enabling you to unlock the secrets in your data and turn them into a competitive advantage. Statwolf integrates all the major web, advertising, social, video analytics platforms, together with all the major CRM, SEO platforms, Databases, File formats, API and Big Data streaming and processing software.

Our intuitive Marketing dashboard makes data monitoring simple. With the ability to report on live campaigns, and track their performance, you`ll be able to measure success, and quickly spot correlations between content creation and customer activity.
Our Permalink Generator lets you instantly share your analysis with your colleagues, with a touch of a button. Collaboration has never been so easy. Running out of time? Save your analysis with your Statwolf Star button and find them automatically in your Menu, for your convenience. With our easy-to-use Report Creator you`ll then be able to create impressive, customised reports while saving time, so you can do your job more efficiently. Statwolf ultimately gives you greater control of reporting, and the numbers you need to demonstrate their effectiveness.

For your in-house Analysts, Statwolf Advanced Analyst Toolbox enables you to create custom dashboards and run custom analysis in total autonomy and flexibility. Make queries, aggregations and custom data workflows with no need of any support!

Thanks to our expertise in Machine Learning, we also offer bespoke solutions for enterprise-level customers which we design from the ground up with your exact specifications in mind. We can provide you with fast, dynamic data modelling which allows you to instantly analyse multi-dimensional datasets, to generate clear visualisations of historical events, and look ahead with statistical modelling, trend analysis, forecasting and predictive analytics. We can make regression, classification, clustering, pattern recognition, image processing and more. If you already have Machine Learning experts in-house, don't worry - we allow them to develop their own solutions in R, MATLab or Python and then integrate them in the Statwolf platform.

Today`s businesses manage masses of data but accessing and making sense of it all can be a challenge.
Statwolf ultimately gives you:
- a unique, powerful platform that integrates countless data sources, all-in-one
- an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, to visualise and analyse your data in seconds
- a Star button to save your analysis automatically in your own Menu, and go back to them whenever you want
- a Permalink Generator that makes sharing of analysis and charts fast and easy
- a Report Creator to get your custom reports automatically in your browser, with no need of copying and past lines and lines of data from different analytics platforms!
- an Advanced Analyst Toolbox to run custom analysis in complete autonomy
- Machine Learning capabilities to apply the most advanced techniques to your data: regression, classification, clustering, pattern recognition, image processing and more.

So, why working with many analytics tools when you can have just one?
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