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SalesMatch Ltd

SalesMatch behavioural assessments for sales professionals and contact centre agents.

SalesMatch specialises in psychometric behavioural assessments specifically for sales professionals and contact centre agents. Its cloud-based profiling service enables businesses to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively, identify the right salesperson, or contact centre agent for the job.

The SalesMatch behavioural assessment tool is based on the DISC personality theory of psychologist William Marston. Marston. The DISC theory is now recognised throughout the world and used my thousands of companies.

The Sales Factor
SalesMatch took the DISC base theory and studied the correlation between the theory and the extensive data collected from profiling many thousands of sales people in many different sales environments over many years. The results of this research lead to the development of a specific sales-based re-structure of the algorithm design. Following the success of the sales focused reports, SalesMatch have now released a behavioural assessment report specifically for contact centre.

SalesMatch identifies 4 key elements that form the basis of any sales role:
• Dominance,
• Influence,
• Submission,
• Compliance.

A character profile is not confined to these four elements, but they do provide objective recruitment selection criteria as opposed to traditional CV. Two additional elements are `Intellect` and `Desire` - both of which can be assessed with the right interview and assessment techniques.

SalesMatch Sales Behavioural Reports:
• Helps you identify the Hunter from Farmer in the sales interview
• Reduces sales force turnover, by identifying the candidates that are most likely to succeed
• Improves sales results by selecting a candidate with a close behavioural match to the sales role.
• Can be used to benchmark your existing sales team, to identify the right character profile
• Assist Managers in management & motivation of individuals

SalesMatch Contact Centre Behavioural Reports:
• Reduce Agent Churn = By selecting the right agent for the role
• Increase Performance = By matching the character profile to the task
• Reduce Time Off = A well matched profile to the role reduced work stress

SalesMatch is a UK company, successfully delivering its profiling service throughout the world.

Tel: 0044 1983 303011

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