Exhibiting at the Marketing Technology Expo

Does this sound familiar? You'd like to use video to help promote your business. After a morning of googling and phone calls you've found loads of companies that will do a great job.... for four times your budget. You just need an option that sits between `too expensive' and `could I do it myself?'

The fact is - you don't need a Rolls Royce to deliver your shopping. Knuckle has developed services based on 'what YOU need' not on 'that's just how you do it`. That`s why our clients range from HSBC and Telefonica to The National Fostering Agency and The Prostate Project. Hugely different organisations who all agree that we have the right solutions for them.

These days high quality video production isn't difficult and it doesn't have to be expensive - starting at a half day shoot/half day edit for £750.

Video isn`t good at conveying loads of detailed information but it can be very good at exciting people and motivating them to find out more. In a couple of minutes the right video can take people from `i don`t know anything about this` to `i think I might want it` - turning them into a seeker who wants to know more about what you`re offering. A whole different sales proposition.

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