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Digital Marketing Implementation Services

Proven Data Driven Digital Strategies for SME's and Large Businesses.

We have come a long way over the last 2 years. Our team has provided digital marketing training to over 200 SME`s in the Buckinghamshire area since 2016 - but on reviewing a lot of their websites I realised very few had implemented what I had shown them, so I commissioned a survey: It turns out that although our course participants understood the digital strategy training on the day and were excited to action the plan, most had forgotten some of the key aspects of the training by the time they got round to working on their own digital marketing and had no idea where to start... to be honest I found this frustrating as I had spent a lot of time and effort providing this training.

At the other end of the scale I have also been working for large global retailers with significant marketing budgets and large teams to assist with the digital marketing work. However, this work has also resulted in frustration, as in many cases these larger organisations just didn`t listen to the advice given, or even trial some of the low cost, low risk suggestions that I developed for them. I regularly heard comments like `We are too big so that`s not going to work for us...`. I had an interesting conversation with an eCommerce Director about intent to buy: I suggested that if someone goes to Google/Bing/Yahoo and types a search query that features a brand, gender and specific product (i.e. `Next Women`s Hoodie`) that it is likely that they have intent to buy. To my surprise, this eCommerce professional replied `NO - it`s only intent to buy if you have an offer like 10% off`. I am still not sure what to say to this, but to me it highlighted a very narrow view of what `works` for their large business (which in reality wasn`t working).

What businesses haven`t realised is that a website is a website; whether you are a micro-business or a multi-national corporation, the same things need to happen. However, 95% of the businesses that I speak to can`t see the wood for the trees when it comes to website development and digital marketing - SMEs claim that they don`t have enough money or time for marketing, and large companies are blinded by all-singing, all-dancing software with huge associated costs as team members `used to use it at their last company`. One company I came across was paying £58,000 per year for some software that no-one in the business was using or knew how to use!

We have developed a solution to these issues:

We have developed a recorded and flexible pay-as-you-go Digital Marketing Strategy/Methodology for SME`s and large businesses at a single, fixed priced.

We have a proven digital marketing methodology based on real data, tried and tested on over 50 websites and I have laid out the end to end process below.

I am currently writing a book on the digital strategy which I have called `The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology` to be launched at the B2B marketing show, Excel London March 2019.

End to end process:

Face to Face team training day £450 + VAT - if suitable, ask James.
1. Online Recorded 60-minute consultancy = £50 + VAT - Overview of `The Logic Digital Marketing strategy methodology` and an audit of current website position. Explanation of where you are at and what needs to be done.

2. If required, we can carry out keyword research using our in-house research tool (designed and perfected over the last two years by our own development team) - cost dependent on number of keywords. Example 10 x keywords = £250 +VAT or you can subscribe to our software at £45 + VAT per month (12-month contract) This tool can also be used for the on-going content strategy.

3. Online Recorded consultancy = £50 + VAT - instruction on positive and negative keyword lists and what to do with this information. The optimisation video uses company website admin and features a step-by-step guide, and provides advice/support on the creation of a URL sitemap structure. (we will check a few pages and offer advice) Ask for a price if you require us to implement this work (implementation work is based on our day rate of £450+VAT)

4. Online Recorded consultancy = £50 + VAT - This session covers PPC paid ads setup using `phrase match` information. We can set this up for £450 + VAT and this additional price includes the first 4 weeks of on-going optimisation. Please ask for details.

5. Online Recorded consultancy = £50 + VAT - This session covers the content strategy (blog writing, external and internal content strategy, etc.)

6. If required, we can also check all the elements of work carried out and make suggestions tailored to a specific business based on the Logic Digital Marketing strategy = £150 + VAT
For the majority of businesses, I would recommend the range of consultancy videos, the keyword research and the PPC ads setup will help to provide a solid foundation for their digital marketing efforts. Everything else is optional depending on internal/outsource resources, though we can happily assist with physical implementation if required.
The sessions are recorded so they can be shared between the team and everyone can ensure that they are working to the same common digital marketing goals. We highly recommend that when a new team member joins, that they are shown the video in order to ensure the overall message doesn`t get diluted.

7. Ongoing support is offered at a rate of £100 + VAT per month if you require ongoing content strategy advice (ask for details). This is provided via an A4 document that considers your products and/or services alongside the logic methodology. For example, `use this title for your blog`, `use this anchor text and link to this page`. If you want us to write the articles/blogs for you (with or without Harvard referencing) we can do this for you at a price of £200 + VAT for 4 x 300-500 words articles. Please ask for a quote if you need longer pieces of content.

Summary: We are offering a flexible, low-cost solution where we guide you through the strategy allowing you to choose the elements you want us to do and which elements you can do in-house or you can continue to use existing outsource providers to deliver.

Once all the 3 elements of the strategy have been completed
1. Optimisation
2. Adwords
3. Content Strategy

Then you can start to think about your other channels - social media, email marketing etc. However, for any business, `The Logic Digital Marketing Strategy methodology` is a great starting point to ensure solid foundations.

To book your 60-minute session, please click this link -

Extra services we can provide:
Survey reports based on data provided by the business, ask for example if required.
Gemma is currently doing a masters in data science and has knowledge of python if you have data that needs analysing.

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