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25 & 26 MARCH


Digital Marketing Association

The Association for Digital Marketing Professionals that use technology and marketing insights to understand, reach and engage with their target audience.

For every professional working in or wishing to work in Digital Marketing, this is YOUR Association. For years Digital Marketing has been the emerging art among entrepreneurs and bright sparks in business who could use the online toolkit to produce dynamic digital marketing campaigns that attracted scores of new customers and renewed brand awareness. It was these people who kept the digital fire alive and it was their innovative mindset that gave birth to new strategies and more unique ways of reaching their target audience. The industry responded and Digital Marketing became more than a passing fad. It became a profession! Today many companies demand digital marketing qualifications and skills and education providers are now including digital marketing qualifications from Foundation to Post Graduate level.

The age of the Digital Marketer is here! The Digital Marketing Association represents and supports professionals in the industry. We offer approved university qualifications and courses in Digital Marketing and Emerging Technologies in Business and advanced bespoke business training.
The DMA endeavors to sent out updates from the industry so you are always informed on the latest news and campaigns as well as relevant valuable events.

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