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Apteco Ltd

Inspire insight into action with the Apteco Marketing Suite™.

The Apteco Marketing Suite™ offers solutions to streamline your marketing. The tools will help you understand your customers and marketplace better ensuring you deliver profitable campaigns. Using the Apteco Marketing Suite™ will help you outperform your competitors and grow your business.

The Apteco FastStats® data visualisation and statistical tools allow you to delve into your customer data any way you wish. Capabilities ranging from simple data selections to advanced customer analytics and predictive modelling ensure that even the largest data sets can be interpreted quickly for improved insight and campaign refinement.

With the visual interface of Apteco PeopleStage™ you can create, manage and deliver continuous automated multichannel, multi-wave campaigns with full personalisation. Apteco PeopleStage™ bridges your siloed transaction data into personalised, relevant and timely communications through digital and traditional channels.

Apteco Orbit™ allows you to share your analytical stories with non-FastStats® users online for access using any device with a modern web browser.

The Apteco Marketing Suite™ is designed to integrate with your existing IT systems and is fully scalable and secure, growing with your business as your data and strategies develop.

Apteco is a privately owned software development business specialising in marketing data analysis and multi-channel campaign management solutions. Our software inspires insight into action by allowing businesses to transform their siloed transaction data into personalised, relevant and timely communications via digital and traditional channels. Originally established in 1987, the founders continue to invest in the next generation of the Apteco Marketing Suite™.

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