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25 & 26 MARCH



Akkroo, built for exhibitors. Connect events with your marketing stack: turn conversations into qualified leads and accelerated revenue.

We`re at the forefront of event lead capture, replacing outdated, manual methods: business cards, paper forms and rented scanners. Akkroo is changing the game.

Working at the intersection of events and MarTech, Akkroo is the bridge between the physical and the digital, empowering you, the exhibitor, to take control of the process at every event, big or small.

Use Akkroo to capture higher quality leads on the show floor, by collecting accurate contact details plus important contextual information. Event Qualified Leads go straight into your marketing and sales systems, ready for timely, relevant follow-up, enabling a streamlined post-event process.

Akkroo is a powerful lead capture solution, but it`s not an all-in-one platform. We`ve built integrations with the most popular CRM and Marketing Automation tools, finally aligning events with your MarTech stack.

We`re changing the way people think about events. It`s time for exhibitors to take the lead.

Tel: 02030564427

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